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Innovation First

Work with the most cutting-edge tech startups globally, from the accounting space and beyond. Bringing you the latest in SME efficiency, productivity and profitability

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Mitigate Risk
Save Time

Access a curated and pre-vetted pool of startups, minimising your risk of adopting solutions that lack maturity or are simply not suitable for your needs

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Competitive Advantage

Be the first to benefit from the latest in tech, before it hits the market.  Stay ahead of the curve in delivering consistently superior service with a competitive edge

Alastair Barlow

Alastair Barlow

“We all agree tech plays a huge part in delivering client service. But the tech companies don’t always get the product-market fit right. Getting early feedback from a wide range of professionals who actually use the tech, gives immediate and vital insight to steer the product in the right direction.”

Alex Falcon

Alex Falcon Huerta

“I’m excited about bringing tech and accountants to pre entrepreneurial discussions and watching the new products come into the market that will essentially help us build and shape our firms. Tools that would have been tried and tested by thought leaders in the UK.”

Accountants Leading Innovation

Putting the evolution of accounting tech in the hands of accountants 


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