How does it work? 

Before being accepted to the Early Adopters Hub, each accountant must pass an evaluation process to ensure they are the right fit and understand the level of commitment required. 


This process can be expedited if nominated by an existing member. 


These are the main evaluation stages:

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Initial review- understanding the interest in technology, passion for helping startups shape better products and williningess to prioritise and dedicate the necessary amount of time

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Secondary review- two forms to evaluate the tech-savviness, tech stack sophistication and tech frustrations of the firm

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Onboarding- upon being successfully accepted, members are added to the closed Slack group and take part in regular welcome webinars

Once members are part of the Early Adopters Hub they can take part in regular startup cohorts that are presented several times a year as well as regular member events.  


Each cohort comprises 3-5 startups representing solutions for different market gaps or specialised industry apps. Those startups are looking to conduct market research, product research or early adoption programmes.

To get more details about the evaluation and programme process, please download the full guide in the link below.