What's So Exciting?

Why our members are excited about being part of the Early Adopters Hub 

Alastair Barlow

“I'm excited to really help open-minded startups to create the best products they can that hit the sweet spot for users!”


Joe David

 “Being a tech geek, I'm really excited to help guide new tech startups and add value to their solutions. Being part of something in the early stage means we can really help direct the path of the product and add value to the solution!” 




Caroline Harridence 

“I'm really excited to be assisting early developers to create relevant and powerful technology-driven business applications.”


Graeme Tennick

“Being ambitious and often a little impatient; this is something I just had to be involved in as we strive to bring improvements to people's lives and businesses through better use of technology.”


Andy Page

“The profession is changing almost daily. If you don't adapt then your firm will end, if you adapt by following you will always be behind, therefore you have to lead.”

Alex Falcon Huerta

“I'm excited to find out which companies will be coming into the market that we can help shape before we start using them. I'm keen to help them better align with what we need.”


Andrew Coulson

“I'm really excited to be able to help open-minded start-ups and early-stage businesses deliver better, more relevant and more powerful technology-driven solutions to the accounting and advisory industry.”

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Alasdair McGill

 “We work with a lot of innovative, tech-focused, young and dynamic entrepreneurs. The exciting thing for me is that I’m always looking for ways to make things easier and people’s life simpler and technology is a great enabler of that.”  


John Toon

“Technology provides the tools for our clients to be more efficient and for us to provide a wider range of services to them. Early adoption allows us to stay ahead of the market, adapt and develop new service lines with minimal risk.”

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Kieran Phelan

“The Early Adopters Hub gives the most forward-thinking digital accountants the chance to shape the technology that they hear being demanded by small businesses. It's the perfect link between software companies and end users, bringing in the client's trusted advisor and their know-how to solve their real problems using technology.”