An exclusive community of the most forward-thinking, tech-savvy and passionate accountants in the world

Don't just stay ahead of the curve Shape the curve


Access the most cutting-edge early stage tech startups, from the accounting space and beyond. Influence the latest in SME efficiency, productivity and profitability.


Work with a curated and pre-vetted pool of startups, while closely cooperating with other passionate accountants that are eager to continuously learn how to improve.


Be the first to benefit from the latest in tech, before it hits the market. Stay ahead of the curve in delivering consistently superior service with a competitive edge.

What’s in it for me?

Directly influence the latest innovation changing the industry while leveraging the power of a community of like-minded accountants.

We strip away the marketing gimmicks and sales pitches so you control exactly how you spend your time with the startups most relevant to you and your clients.

Have an unparalleled impact on future development of the latest solutions, while ensuring you have the most sophisticated tech stack in the market

Avoid chasing shiny new apps and diving in too fast. Gain an added layer of confidence with access to highly vetted startups

Get a depth of discussion on the biggest problems you face not feasible anywhere else, that can transform the way you do things

Learn and share knowledge with other leading accountants from around the world as part of a collaborative community 

Be a step ahead at delivering the best in productivity, cost savings and revenue generation for your clients

Enjoy special promotions, discounts and lifetime offers not available for anyone else

Who is this for?

The Early Adopters Hub is the right fit for accountants that have a genuine passion for technology and are willing to dedicate the time to shape the products they know are demanded by clients.

Partners & Directors

Decision-makers who are the ones finding and reviewing tech for the practice before any implementation.

Cloud champions

Cloud and innovation managers for mid-tier firms whose role is to find and evaluate new tech solutions and apps for the wider firm and client base.

New founders

For young firms looking to be more involved with tech startups as they build their app stack.

The Early Adopters Hub will offer significant benefits to accountants the identify with the below qualities 


Cloud technology is a given and your core tech-stack is well established. You are looking at how to enhance and strengthen it further.


You already prioritise being an early adopter of new technology and understand the risks involved and advantages it offers.


You are proactive, regularly spending time evaluating and testing new technology solutions.

Client first

You are always looking at new ways technology can make life better, putting your clients' best interests first.

How does it work?

Before being accepted to the Early Adopters Hub, each accountant must pass an evaluation process to ensure they are the right fit and understand the level of commitment required. 

These are the main evaluation stages:

Initial review

Inital evaluation form and first call to establish interest in technology, previous work helping startups and willingness to prioritise and dedicate the necessary amount of time.

Secondary review

Two forms to evaluate the tech-savviness, tech stack sophistication and tech frustrations of the firm.


Upon being accepted, members are added to the closed Slack group and take part in regular welcome webinars.

Once members are part of the Early Adopters Hub they can take part in regular startup cohorts that are presented several times a year as well as regular member events.  

Each cohort comprises 3-5 startups representing solutions for different market gaps or specialised industry apps. Programmes with each startup may vary depending on the stage they are at and whether the focus is on market research, product research or early adoption.

To get more details about the evaluation and programme process, please download the full guide at the link below. 

Hear what our accountants and startup alumni have to say

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The Early Adopters Hub is a limited and exclusive community.

You can join by either being nominated from an existing member or by registering your interest below and we will get in touch.