Steady Deal Flow of
De-Risked Startups

Access a pipeline of vetted and fundable startups that have validated their problem and solution with the market

Key benefits for investors

Optimised capital allocation and maximised capital efficiency

Enhanced due diligence with objective market insight and feedback

Clear exit horizon as legacy and established vendors look to remain competitive

Transparent and open access to the startups journeys as milestones are achieved

Who is this for?

We are looking to work with sophisticated investors, looking to invest 25k-150k+ per startup, open to a structured and streamlined approach to finding great investment opportunities in early stage startups.

Ideally your key focus is:


B2B &

Pre-Seed &

UK, AU, &
NZ Markets

Who do we work with?

There are particular attributes that all Early Adopters Hub investors hold. Many of these attributes ‘go against the grain’, but its what differentiates our investors from the status quo.

How does it work?

Before being accepted to the Early Adopters Hub, each investor is evaluated to ensure they are the right fit. Once accepted, they will be given access to connect and invest with startups as opportunities present themselves.

These are the key stages:


Apply to join our investor network and after successfully going through our vetting process you will be added to the the Early Adopters Hub investor network


Get continuous updates as startups are going through our framework towards product-market fit to decide when is the ideal time to invest to match your risk appetite


Evaluate startups with our structured process, including our unique Startup Showcase to replace the traditional pitch deck, direct access to accountants and recording audits


Continue with your own due diligence process to make final decision. You will continue to get progress updates as validation and traction are progressing towards product-market fit.

*The Early Adopters Hub charges a 5-7% fee

Apply to be part of our investor network

It is important for the Early Adopters Hub to have investors that align with our unique framework of getting startups to product-market fit, our values and passion for the accounting industry.

Access to startups that get structured validation from real customers early in their journey is rare.

We therefore require investors looking to explore joining our investor network and access to our startups to go through a vetting process starting with this initial evaluation form.

Contact Us

If you would have any questions or would just to have a chat feel free to complete this contact form and we will get in touch.