What Accountants
Love & Hate About Vendors
--May 26th

The Early Adopters Hub presents the first in a 3-part webinar series, focussed on helping accounting-tech (#accountech) startups find product-market-fit! 

On this panel event we will be joined by four leading accountants, representing both Australia and the UK.

They will be share their most exceptional software vendor experiences (good, bad and ugly), and answer your burning questions! 

Uncover the common pitfalls and identify the keys to success, to accelerate your growth!


AU: May 26th @ 5pm AEST
UK: May 26th @ 8am BST

Alastair Barlow FCCA (UK)
CEO & Co-Founder, flinder

Alastair is an accountant, speaker, judge and adviser to industry forums and the CEO and co-founder of flinder, a pioneer of smart finance functions® to accelerate the growth of tech, SaaS and e-commerce businesses. 

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Aly Garrett (AUS)
Founder, All in Advisory

Aly runs All in Advisory, an award-winning and forward-thinking practice, based in Adelaide. In her spare time, she co-hosts ‘Aly & Andrews All Aussie Accounting Adventures’ podcast (with Andrew Van De Beek of illumin8)!

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Dave Sellick (UK)
Founder, Sidgrove

Dave, founder of Sidgrove, is far from your average accountant – leveraging tech in new ways to automate internal workflows. Beyond the standard cloud accounting tools, Dave is building his own automation leveraging Elgato Stream Decks and no-code.

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Jason Robinson (AUS)
Founder, Future Advisory

Jason runs Future Advisory, an innovative and tech-focussed firm, based in Melbourne. Jason and his team are constantly looking for new ways to embed tech into the firm as an enabler of a greater client experience. 

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