The Story Behind the Early Adopters Hub

Updated: Feb 22

If given the choice between $50,000 or 50 engaged and committed early adopters for your new startup, which one would you choose?

Choose the latter, is what I’ve learnt as a Co-Founder launching a tech company during the peak of COVID.

Early adopters who provide their precious time and deliver crucial insight for product development, enable companies to sharpen their value proposition and have a disproportionate impact on accelerating their growth.

But recruiting users who are most readily available- friends, family, random LinkedIn connections and anyone else willing to listen, can become a serious detractor.

Quite often they are simply not representative of real users. This muddies the waters in gaining an in-depth understanding of the problem, which is a critical step to justify putting a profitable price on the solution.

Despite the best of intentions, these early adopters are often helpful for a time, before having to shift their priorities- which often don’t include making your dreams come true as a startup founder.

The right kind of committed and engaged early adopters are worth their weight in gold.

With great risks come great rewards

The competitive advantage gained by adopting the latest innovation to save money, boost revenue or save time can be considerable.

The enhanced offering and differentiated brand of those adopting technology early enable them to easily acquire new clients coming on to the market or even threaten competitors' existing client base, while the mainstream market is busy playing catch up.

But there are risks involved.

Discovering and implementing the shiniest new technology is time-consuming. For larger firms, internal change management is often a major obstacle that diminishes many advantages of being an early adopter.

However, the biggest risk is when a new solution simply doesn't deliver on its promise.

Many startups are stuck in a permanent state of hustle, luring users in with polished marketing and aggressive sales techniques. This creates an unsavoury dichotomy of overpromising and underdelivering, always focused on the next short-term win.

Users can be left with an average product at best, forcing them to change their own processes and find workarounds to get what they need.

So what's the solution?

Introducing the Early Adopters Hub.

Vetted and curated startups on one side and a dedicated community of committed and engaged early adopters on the other.

For early users, we mitigate risk while enhancing the rewards of adopting the right tech solutions early on. While for startups, we offer relevant, committed and engaged users to accelerate growth and adoption in new markets.

The input of the right kind of early adopters at the right time can help shape market-leading products, while their advocacy is the key to crossing the infamous chasm and unlocking the whole market.

And this is the vision behind the Early Adopters Hub- creating a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Connecting those most passionate about innovation to help startups build more sustainable and scalable business models. Creating better products that deliver the best solutions.

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