AccounTech Product/Market Fit Webinar Series

February 2021

Launching a successful startup in the accounting space brings its own set of challenges and nuances.

Join the Early Adopters Hub for this special webinar series, for an open and honest discussion as we explore what it takes to successfully achieve product/market fit, in this ever more competitive space. 

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Hear from industry thought leaders and product/market fit experts 

Learn about the common pitfalls to avoid in order to accelerate growth

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Discover the unique strategies necessary to succeed in the accounting space

Webinars will be open for questions. The purpose is to dig deep into the issues troubling founders on their journey to product/market fit, tapping into the speakers' unique expertise.

Here is the list of speakers, the subjects and dates for each session:

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David Tuck

“How to achieve product/market fit- the mistakes, lessons and success from my journey”

David founded and led Chaser as CEO for 7 years. Built it into the market-leading cloud credit control SaaS solution to help businesses get their invoices paid. Worked closely with accountants as partners as Chaser's primary route to market. Won Xero's App Partner of the Year and 3x AccountingWeb Cloud App of the Year. Raised £3.3m across 3 rounds of funding. Built the team to 25 people. Previously Qualified Accountant and Finance Director.

Richard Sergeant

“The dangerous myths and assumptions startups make about accountants”

Richard has been working with accountants for 19 years. Through Principle Point, he enables software companies to master the fine art of communicating effectively with accountants. He has a wealth of knowledge regarding best practice in the accountancy market, and the hard-won experience of what works and what doesn't. Crazy growing startups, well-funded seed businesses, established and even the big mature providers share strangely similar issues when working with accountants. This is where he offers value- to help them get where they need to be faster.

Dermot Hamblin

“How to build the foundation to commercialise as quickly as possible”

Dermot has spent over 20 years in the accounting tech sector. He's launched three Practice Management solutions into the UK and has been working with software vendors from Australia, Ireland and Bulgaria. Joining IRIS in 1996 when it was a family firm, number 44 on the payroll, Dermot spent ten years with IRIS during the days when they experienced rapid growth and went through three private equity rounds. He has experience working in SMEs, VC backed startups and multinational corporate environments, always with ambitious growth plans.

Will Farnell

“Accounting and tech- where we've come from, where are we now, and most importantly where the future is heading”

Will is founder of award-winning accountancy practice Farnell Clarke, one of the first 100% cloud accounting firms globally and co-founder of App Advisory Plus.  Author of 'The Digital Firm' , Will is a highly regarded international speaker, mentor and consultant working with software vendors and accounting firms globally.

Adi Shmorak

“Startup best practice - How to save time, money and heartache on your journey to product/market fit”

Adi is a product strategist with experience in product management, product marketing, innovation, sales and more. Adi works with early-stage startups, saving them time, money and heartache on their journey to Product/Market Fit. Previously Adi has been heading CoderZ, an EdTech startup,  as VP product and interim CEO. His prior experience includes head of innovation, VP of Marketing and other executive roles. Adi works and mentors startups on 4 continents. 

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