Connecting Digital Accountants With Early Stage Startups

Connect with the most forward-thinking and tech-savvy accountants in the world to help accelerate your growth

From Idea to Paying Customers

Fast-track Your Product/Market Fit

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Honest Feedback

Challenge your most basic assumptions. Hear the honest feedback you need to deliver a market-leading solution. Gain the confidence to scale your business through validated insights, ensuring you are on the right track in building a product the market truly wants

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Save Time

Condense your research stage from months into weeks. Don't waste limited resources and time marketing to the wrong people. Get connected from day one to precisely the right accountants you should be speaking with to shape your product and become your early adopters

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Mitigate Risk

Solving the wrong problem, not clearly identifying your initial target audience, or merely building a solution the market doesn't need are substantial long-term risks. Mitigate these risks by getting the right input from the right people at the right time

Alastair Barlow

“We all agree tech plays a huge part in delivering client service. But the tech companies don’t always get the product-market fit right. Getting early feedback from a wide range of professionals who actually use the tech, gives immediate and vital insight to steer the product in the right direction.”

Andrew Van De Beek

“I've seen a tonne of tech come and go. Thousands of apps now exist promising the world - and often not fulfilling that promise. The ones that have done well ensure that they solve real problems, connect early with quality end users and above all, they are open to being challenged in a healthy way.”

Accountants Leading Innovation

Get timely, honest and critical high-quality feedback from accountants that choose to be involved, making them far more committed and engaged

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