How does it work? 

Before being accepted to the Early Adopters Hub, each startup must pass a three-stage evaluation process over two to four weeks.

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Initial review

Assessing the problem being addressed, the gap in the market the solution is aimed for and the key differentiators with competitors

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Secondary review

Understanding the current product stage, key development priorities, future focus and going through a p
roduct demo if relevant

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Presentation to accountants

As part of a cohort, startups are presented to accountants for them to decide which startups they wish to be involved with

Accountants are not pressured in any way to pick any startup. There is no relevance to personal contacts or introductions, it is purely based on the relevance of the problem being addressed by the startup. 


If interest from accountants is agreed to be sufficient, the following process begins.

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Proposal acceptance 

Establishing clear scope, structure, objectives, deliverables, and timeline. Programmes can range from one week up to several months

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Programme execution

Programmes encompass a range of tools such as group sessions, individual calls, surveys and other tailored methods according to the programme focus and desired outcomes

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Programme support

Close support is provided every step of the process. Sessions are moderated to ensure they run smoothly. Consulting sessions are provided to help formulate questions, build agendas and ensure value is maximised at every interaction 

No payment is required until the final proposal is accepted.

To get more details about the evaluation and programme process, please download the full guide at the link below.