Programmes & Pricing

The Early Adopters Hub offers four main plans to choose from depending on where a startup is on their journey to achieving product/market fit.


Elements from each plan can be combined according to desired goals to establish a bespoke programme.

Pricing is determined by the scope agreed, which relies on the final number of accountants that choose to be involved.


Market Research

For early-stage startups that want to get a deeper understanding of the accounting market and their clients

Identifying market gaps

Testing key assumptions

Building initial pricing structure 

Competitive analysis

Building of value proposition

Building early adopter personas

Identify opportunity and market size

Uncovering underlying customer problems and pain points

Starting at £1200 GBP / $2000 AUD


Product Research

For early-stage startups that want to get direct input from accountants about their product strategy and to shape its development

Building the product roadmap

Feature prioritisation

Uncovering hidden product gaps 

Connecting product development to market research 

Starting at £1800 GBP / $3000 AUD


Early Adoption

For early-stage startups ready to put their product in the hands of real users and start preparing the ground for commercial growth

Building of early adopters beta Super-User group

First implementation of product with live clients

Accountant testimonials 

Social media promotion

Joint marketing webinars and events

Strategic industry partnerships

Starting at £3000 GBP / $5000 AUD


Global Growth

For more mature startups looking to explore an expansion to the UK or Australian accounting markets with a combination of market research, product research and early adoption

Local competitive analysis 

Local gaps & problems

Uncovering hidden opportunities

Product adaptations for local market

Starting at £2400 GBP / $4000 AUD



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