Cohort Aleph Testimonials

Here is what the first startups to go through the Early Adopters Hub have to say having completed their programmes in November and December of 2020.


Jon Jenkins

"I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the process, it’s been an eye-opening experience, and we’ve learnt a lot of things that we didn’t expect.

Accountants have been very open and honest, way above my expectations and what I would have received contacting these accountants directly. They want to do this rather than feeling obliged because they were contacted.

There’s an awful lot of unknowns, and you can have a very clear idea what you are going to do with the business and where you are going to go, but without the feedback from your target market, it doesn’t really matter the preconceptions that you have.

We got the tools and answers we needed to make some key critical long term business decisions."


Mo Miah


"It has been a pleasure and extremely valuable! Getting the insight we have done through this programme would usually take a lot longer, so this was an excellent way to fast track that process.

It was a crash course in doing beta testing and speaking to the right people about your product, understanding exactly what they need and want, and the challenges in the market.

You can spend so much money and time on marketing and sales to get the feedback I received. I think it has saved me several months in trying to do the wrong thing.

Finally, not only did we get to discuss our products with a diverse group of industry leaders, but we also received some great advice from Yohan on how to tackle things at this early stage."


Dudley Gould


"Joining the Early Adopters Hub has been fantastic. It’s exactly the initiative that the accountancy and audit space needs.

Too often, products are built without enough early-stage engagement from users. The Early Adopters Hub gets your product in the hands of early adopters who are keen to provide feedback and help you achieve product-market fit.

The cohort of fellow entrepreneurs has been a great support group as well, and I have really enjoyed working with and getting to know everyone."