What’s in it for me? 

Gain an in-depth understanding of what accountants really want, what their clients truly need, where the most significant gaps in the market are and what your competitors are getting wrong.

Get connected from day one with a diverse group of forward-thinking accountants, eager to help develop market-leading products. 

Save time and resources chasing the wrong accountants. Connect with a pre-vetted audience of accountants passionate about helping entrepreneurship and technology thrive

Win your first users and customers with accountants that understand both the risks and the advantages of early adoption for them and their clients

Get unparalleled access to the thought leaders spearheading the industry's transition away from compliance work and into high-value services propelled by technology

Benefit from a highly structured process to maximise your interactions with accountants in the most productive and time-efficient way possible

Enjoy special events, webinars and networking opportunities with other founders who are at the same stage as you




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