Tech Visionary

Alastair Barlow

Alastair has proven beyond any doubt his commitment to be a true visionary of tech to enable an unparalleled level of service to his clients and the profession driven by powerful technology he personally helps shape.

Members of the Early Adopters Hub represent the most forward-thinking, tech-savvy, innovative accountants in the world. Earning ‘Tech Visionary’ status means that Alastair Barlow is a leader amongst leaders. This status can only be achieved by providing a considerable contribution to shaping the future of tech in the accounting industry, this is evidenced by the fact only three members have earned this status to date.


3 cohorts
4 startups
Hindsight, MachineLedger,
Konsolidator, Calbot

Score from startups


Startup Quotes

“Alastair is great – no sugar coating to the feedback, but real value and insight.”

Special contribution

Alastair is a Strategic Advisor to the Early Adopters Hub and played a pivotal role in shaping and driving the vision and growth. He contributes significantly to the community and has inspired 9 other leading accountants to join.


Alastair has spent 9.5 hours in workshops and calls with startups to deliver deep insight.