Tech Visionary

John Toon

John has proven beyond any doubt his commitment to be a true visionary of tech. Beevers and Struthers clients can rest assured that no matter how complex their business is, John will offer unparalleled ability to design the process and leverage the best tech solutions to enable them to overcome any challenge and thrive.

Members of the Early Adopters Hub represent the most forward-thinking, tech-savvy, innovative accountants in the world. Earning ‘Tech Visionary’ status means that John Toon is a leader amongst leaders. This status can only be achieved by providing a considerable contribution to shaping the future of tech in the accounting industry, this is evidenced by the fact only three members have earned this status to date. John’s tech-savviness, deep technical expertise and knowledge of the latest technology not just in the UK, but around the world, is unrivalled.


4 cohorts 
9 startup programmes
Hindsight, MachineLedger, Audapio, Konsolidator, Converso, TIM, Crezco

Score from startups



John has spent 26 hours in workshops and calls with startups to deliver deep insight. This is the highest of any other member

Startup Quotes

“What you get from John is a great all-around knowledge of the industry and current landscape.  There isn’t much that John doesn’t know about accountech.”

“Great analysis and operational experience”

Community contribution

John is a community leader within the EAH accountant community.