Tech Visionary

Ryan Pearcy

Ryan has proven beyond any doubt his commitment to be a true visionary of tech. As head of SBDigital, the digital transformation service, Scrutton Bland clients get access to one of the highest levels of technical expertise on leveraging technology to its fullest potential.

Accountants in the Early Adopter Hub represent the most tech-savvy global innovators in the industry. Earning Tech Visionary status means that Ryan Pearcy is a leader amongst leaders. Only three members have earned this status to date which can only be achieved by considerable contribution to shaping the future of tech in the accounting industry. Ryan has proven expertise to leverage the best technology available with deep knowledge of vertical-specific tech


4 cohorts 
7 startup programmes
Audapio, AgriSmart, Converso, Calbot, TIM, Crezco

Score from startups



Ryan has spent 17.5  hours in workshops and calls with startups to deliver deep insight. This is the second-highest of any other member

Startup Quotes

“Ryan’s input was everything an early-stage company would want – experienced and interested in exploring new ideas. At the same time had a very logical and consultative approach. Would be a valuable resource to consult with as we grow.”

Community contribution

Ryan is one of the key contributors within the EAH accountant community